LG Device support

SuperOneClick v2.3.2 will now add a bit more tweaking for LG devices that couldn't be rooted. Expect a release in a few days.

SuperOneClick v2.3.1

As promised: Click here to download SuperOneClick v2.3.1 Lets see if driver installation is a thing of the past now. Youll notice the file size has bumped up to 10mb. This is because the driver folder is now included with the latest (at the time of writing) ADB drivers from Google. Enjoy! Update: I have... Continue Reading →

Delays, delays

Apparently, I lost my source code for the changes I made for SuperOneClick v2.2. It never properly pushed to my SVN properly. I'm rewriting those changes by reverse engineering, so v2.3 will need a bit more time.

SuperOneClick v2.3 coming this weekend

With the holiday break I'm going to have some extra time to test and roll out v2.3 with auto driver support. I'm also ordering a Galaxy Nexus. I'm actually $1 short, so when somebody donates, I'll order it. Expect that to get a root working asap Edit: Order made!

SuperOneClick v2.2!

I had to disable updates because I wanted to rush this release. Either way, here's v2.2 with more debug output, zergRush, newer ADB and latest Superuser SuperOneClickv2.2-ShortFuse

Calling out AT&T Galaxy S II users!!!

I need somebody to copy/paste the log from when they try to root it with SuperOneClick. Once I get the log, it'll take me probably 15 minutes to get it working. Specifically, I need: ro.product.manufacturer ro.product.model ro.build.version.incremental if you want to get it manually from ADB

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