Device Incompatibility List 8/6/2011

Okay guys, the weekend is coming up and I should be able to work on adding compatibility. Post your

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Build Version

as reported by SuperOneClick v2.1.1 and if rooting does or doesnt work for you.

Just so you know, most Samsung and Sony Ericsson devices running 2.3.3 wont be able to root with GingerBreak and will need a custom solution. All 2.3.4 devices need a custom root method. The current custom solution list are:

  • Samsung.GTI9000.XWJVH
  • Samsung.GTI9100.XWKE2
  • Samsung.GTI9100.XWKE7
  • Samsung.GTI9100.XWKE8
  • Samsung.GTI9100.XWKF1
  • Samsung.GTI9100.XWKF3
  • Samsung.GTI9100.XWKG1
  • Samsung.GTI9100.XXKF2
  • Samsung.GTI9100.ZSKF4
  • Samsung.SPHP100.EF17

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