SuperOneClick v2.1.1 GingerBreak support (for real this time)

Yeah, yeah. I know, I keep saying Ive fixed it, but this time Ive attached proof. If you use GingerBreak, make sure you have a microSD inserted if possible. Also, make sure your removable storage isn't mounted. SuperOneClickv2.1.1-ShortFuse

SuperOneClick v2.1

Here it is, v2.1 with GingerBreak fixed: SuperOneClickv2.1-ShortFuse Edit: Made a quick update. Either redownload the zip file or update it from SuperOneClick

Gingerbreak Exploit (aka 2.3.3 users)

I've been reading more and more and it seems as thought you have to have an SD card inserted in your device for Gingerbreak to work. Can anybody confirm this? Also, Gingerbreak isnt guaranteed to work on all 2.3.3 devices (like Xperia X10) Edit: GingerBreak works best with an external SD but I'm not sure... Continue Reading →

Rooting Issues

Most 2.3.3 devices can only be cracked with Gingerbreak. I dont have a 2.3.3 device to test with so its a bit difficult to try to implement. Ill try to narrow down whats going on, but its difficult since I dont have a device to really test with. For now, it seems to not be... Continue Reading →

2.3.3 Fix is up! [Updated]

I fixed the way exploits are run. I cant test it, but let me know if it works. I also fixed an issue with 2.1-update1 users reporting to have 2.11 instead of 2.1.1 Just update from within SuperOneClick and make sure youre running Update:┬áMy FTP is getting swamped. I only have 5mbps upload. Make... Continue Reading →

SuperOneClick v2 Public Beta

I haven't FULLY tested it and worked out all the kinks but Im going to release all the compiled binaries now for the experienced users to try. Removed because of bandwidth hogging Enjoy and post some feedback here! Galaxy S II and Sprint Galaxy Tab 2.3.3 users should be the ones truly benefiting from this.... Continue Reading →

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