ViewTitleIndicator playing nice with Themes

Build 70 incorporates ViewTitleIndicator by default now. The problem with the title indicators is that they don’t natively play nice with themes. Here’s how I fixed it: TypedValue tvBarTabStyle = new TypedValue(); int actionBarStyleResId; int backgroundResId; int actionBarTabTextStyleResId; int actionBarTabStyleResId; if (VERSION.SDK_INT >= 14) { backgroundResId = V14.getBackgroundStackedResId(); actionBarStyleResId = V11.getActionBarStyleResId(); actionBarTabTextStyleResId = V11 .getActionBarTabTextStyleResId();... Continue Reading →

Permission Breakdown

Permissions Breakdown: android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Google Voice Connectivity android.permission.INTERNET: Google Voice Connectivity android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS: Get Google Account Names android.permission.MANAGE_ACCOUNTS: Create Google Account Prompt android.permission.READ_CONTACTS: Build Contacts List android.permission.READ_PROFILE: Get your profile icon android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Start on Boot android.permission.RECEIVE_SMS: Receive Text Messages android.permission.SEND_SMS: Send Text Messages android.permission.USE_CREDENTIALS: Get Google Voice OAuth2 credentials (never your password) android.permission.VIBRATE: Vibrate on New Message... Continue Reading →


v0.77: Download MMS v0.76: Vibration, Ringtone and Text Entry options v0.74: QuickReply revamped and customizable. Close-able conversations. v0.71: QuickReply for Android 3.0+ v0.70: Multiview support + theme fixes v0.69: Open and share MMS v0.68: Shows MMS, Navigation Modes and Collapsable Contact Banner v0.65: Crash fixes v0.64: Quick Reply system is complete v0.63: Google Voice stability... Continue Reading →

Sent to Google Play

Theoretical link: Reddit Link For those who don’t know, it’s been renamed as Fusion Messenger (or just Fusion)

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