v0.77: Download MMS

v0.76: Vibration, Ringtone and Text Entry options

v0.74: QuickReply revamped and customizable. Close-able conversations.

v0.71: QuickReply for Android 3.0+

v0.70: Multiview support + theme fixes

v0.69: Open and share MMS

v0.68: Shows MMS, Navigation Modes and Collapsable Contact Banner

v0.65: Crash fixes

v0.64: Quick Reply system is complete

v0.63: Google Voice stability

v0.61: Mark as read is finished. Bug fixes

v0.60: New Icon, Quick Reply, Speed fixes

v0.55: Rich notifications + CDMA fix for splitting messages.

v0.54: Outgoing status fix

v0.53: 160 character limit fixed, photos not showing fixed, crash fixes

v0.52: Message new contacts, faster loading, fixed crashes and notifications

v0.51: Speed improvements

v0.49: Number parsing is complete

v0.47: Fixed crash if you don’t have a profile icon.

v0.46: Hi-res contact icons

v0.45: All known bugs fixes. On to UI phase

v0.44: Shortcode messaging has been fixed. Only warns about Google Voice if you’re not going to get messages.

v0.43: Fixed issue where Fusion would grab the wrong account (usually Dropbox). Fixed crashes on clicking notification.

v0.42: Fixed crash on syncing database with blank messages

v0.41: Fixed crash on swipe

v0.40: Fixed contacts spinner not working properly

v0.39: Race conditions, notifications, UI duplication fixes. Warnings added.

v0.38: Massive lag fix

v0.37: Minor bugfix

v0.36: Incoming messages now sync. Lots of bug fixes.

v0.35: Fixed search on Android 2.x. Outgoing messages now write to the internal db.

v0.34: Search works in conversations. SQL should work multithreaded now. Crash fixes. Search bug fixes. International support improved

v0.33: Copy, Delete, & Info options when long pressing messages. Links now open on click. Fixed crash on notification or reopening app. Notifications now take you directly to the conversation. Profile photo is now shown. Search bugfix.

v0.31: Clicking search lists everyone. Better phone number parsing and int’l support

v0.30: Search auto hides after picking a contact or selecting someone. Fixed Android 2.x crashes and contacts not auto sorting on new message

v0.29: Contact search and bug fixes

v0.28: Fixed huge bug where messages wouldn’t send.

v0.27: Contact icons and small crash fix.

v0.26: SQLite database lock crashes. Nearly all reported crashes fixed

v0.25: Fixed possible wrong sender and few more crashes (reports actually do help!). Added disable SMS option.

v0.24: Removed AsyncTasks. More crash fixes. Added disable notifications option

v0.23: Fixed the Play Store’s automatic tablet blocking. Should support any and all devices now.


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