Navigation Drawer: What would you like to see it include?

Google has made their slide out drawer available to the public. I’m wondering what you would like to see in this menu. Since I’m working on Google Hangouts incorporation I’m thinking of a drop down list of services to pick status/availability/sign-in/sign-out. Also, I think some quick options should be available like Auto-Open QuickReply. From here... Continue Reading →

Dynamic Dates with Java

I made a new change for build 48 of Fusion to show the date portion based on time. The difficulty is making it all work with all the different time zones and locales. 24 hours isn’t always a day because of daylight savings time. So I have to use Calendar. Here’s the static code: public... Continue Reading →

ViewTitleIndicator playing nice with Themes

Build 70 incorporates ViewTitleIndicator by default now. The problem with the title indicators is that they don’t natively play nice with themes. Here’s how I fixed it: TypedValue tvBarTabStyle = new TypedValue(); int actionBarStyleResId; int backgroundResId; int actionBarTabTextStyleResId; int actionBarTabStyleResId; if (VERSION.SDK_INT >= 14) { backgroundResId = V14.getBackgroundStackedResId(); actionBarStyleResId = V11.getActionBarStyleResId(); actionBarTabTextStyleResId = V11 .getActionBarTabTextStyleResId();... Continue Reading →

Permission Breakdown

Permissions Breakdown: android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Google Voice Connectivity android.permission.INTERNET: Google Voice Connectivity android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS: Get Google Account Names android.permission.MANAGE_ACCOUNTS: Create Google Account Prompt android.permission.READ_CONTACTS: Build Contacts List android.permission.READ_PROFILE: Get your profile icon android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Start on Boot android.permission.RECEIVE_SMS: Receive Text Messages android.permission.SEND_SMS: Send Text Messages android.permission.USE_CREDENTIALS: Get Google Voice OAuth2 credentials (never your password) android.permission.VIBRATE: Vibrate on New Message... Continue Reading →

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