v2.3.3 Download link

A lot of the links have died, so until I find a more permanent for v2.3.3, use these SuperOneClickv2.3.3-ShortFuse

SuperOneClick v2.3.3

What’s New Motorola ADB Patching Checks for shell root before applying exploits Unroot has been fixed to work more reliably LG devices no longer need to use alternate ADB Download it from http://www.multiupload.com/9AJDSU1Q11

Motorola support added!

Just rooted a Motorola Droid2 Global with SuperOneClick! I also cleaned up some code around. You won’t need to tick alternate ADB method for LG users anymore and the Unroot has been made more robust.

SuperOneClick v2.2!

I had to disable updates because I wanted to rush this release. Either way, here's v2.2 with more debug output, zergRush, newer ADB and latest Superuser SuperOneClickv2.2-ShortFuse

2.3.3 Fix is up! [Updated]

I fixed the way exploits are run. I cant test it, but let me know if it works. I also fixed an issue with 2.1-update1 users reporting to have 2.11 instead of 2.1.1 Just update from within SuperOneClick and make sure youre running Update: My FTP is getting swamped. I only have 5mbps upload. Make... Continue Reading →

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