GVoice Push Notification: FINISHED

It took forever to get a working Google Voice Push Notification system. I’ve tried using the old MASF protocol, the new JSON protocol with a custom intent, trying to intercept the official Google Voice app’s intents. None of that was working. But as of a few minutes ago, it’s done. It works. It works completely independent... Continue Reading →

More Google Voice API information

So it turns out there is a THIRD api: MASF I have SMS out working on this “new” protocol. It’s actually the old mobile protocol based on MASF (Mobile Application Sensing Framework). It doesn’t use JSON. It uses Google’s custom ProtoBuf design. I was looking into this because I’ve run into a problem with notifications.... Continue Reading →

Quick status update on Google Voice support

Okay, I got the the real mobile API working. I’m going to bed now. Just to clarify: You don’t need Google Voice installed to use my app at all. Just make sure your GV account exists before hand. Push data will work. I’ve figured it out. That’s the benefit of the Mobile API.

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