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Fusion Messenger


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19 thoughts on “Fusion Messenger

  1. guy

    cannot download the freesoftware because some stupid asses want me to download m,alware in order to get my download. no blow me

  2. Yeager

    It must be rough to be an idiot. Even worse to be an idiot who is an ass. Just saying, the exact equivalent to the first post is a guy standing next to door yelling at the wall to blow him because the wall will not open.

    Since when did become so entitled that make such a post on a page of someone who has no doubt worked their butt off to develop product and ask not even a single dime from you, only to have a couple of ads that he might pay the server bill, if even?

    1. TK

      Serving ads that link to malware is NOT cool, regardless of who you are.

      Then again, the guy complaining is probably illiterate, so who knows :P

  3. Vern

    I love it! Just one quick question, how do i compose a new message that isn’t a reply? Can’t find it anywhere.

  4. Kris Diehl

    Am I missing something? I can’t figure out at all how to integrate this app with Google Talk or any IM service. I see the couple settings referencing IM Service Indicator, Icon, and Selector, but that’s the extent of what I see in the app. Help?

  5. Karen

    Loving it so far (only downloaded yesterday)! A lot snappier than Google Voice app and much nicer interface. I also like the quick reply.

  6. awadm

    Love the app! keep up the good work!

    Just noticed a minor bug. If i switch the theme to Holo Light and access Contacts, Conversations or Notifications in the settings menu the items inside are unreadable :(

    Please try and keep this app simple and lightweight as it is :D I’d hate to uninstall it.
    Thank you!

  7. V

    I’m downloading this as we speak. It sounds awesome. I found it in google play in the reviews of another similar app. One question, can’t seem to find the answer anywhere… does this use data to send/receive google voice messages?

  8. Anonymous

    Anyone know how to turn off duplicate notifications? I’m getting them on Fusion and my stock app.

    Running GS3, stock.

  9. user

    Is there a location I can download this other than the Play store? Thanks for making it. This app will be of plenty of interest now that the newest Google Voice app requires the Play app to be on the phone as well, and some of us don’t want it

  10. Dented

    I am receiving duplicate messages in fusion for some reason. I have Google Voice turned off so it is not that. Can’t figure it out.



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