Public Beta code is finished.

The code is finished. I think it’s good where it is. Performance is good. Except for a very few subroutines, everything is done on a separate thread. Google Voice in and out works with and without the Google Voice app installed, though I do suggest uninstalling it before installing my app. After that, you can reinstall Google Voice. I added a few more theme options. There are some bugs, and maybe one rare crash, but I just want to get this on Google Play so I can start getting crash/freeze logs.

The one crash is opening a notification after the activity has been killed by the memory manager. I’m not sure why it crashes but once I get it on Google Play, I can track it better.

The minor bug is that a contact will be listed as “Unread” until you swipe to the conversation. This means, you might have to swipe away and swipe to clear it. Not major, but slightly annoying.

7 thoughts on “Public Beta code is finished.

  1. cheveguerra

    Great! When will It be available on the play store?
    For bug reports where would be best?
    Here or the play store?


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