I think… yes… ready for public beta

Well, I wrote some a VERY BASIC notification system last night. It doesn’t have quick reply or even stack messages in your window, but it works. It’s good enough for me to disable the official SMS app. I’ve been running it today and it’s all working well. I added the notification app to blink the color of the IM service. It blinks for 100ms every 5.0 seconds. Color is pretty important in this app and it’ll help you distinguish what’s going on.

So what I’m saying is, and the point of this post, I can start polishing UI. We’re at feature complete for all text-only messaging. SMS and GVoice are complete with the exception of inbox syncing.

The only exception is I haven’t written in media support (MMS, imgur parser, voicemails, etc), but it shouldn’t be impossible.

So, public beta? I think so. I just need to fix one last thing which is handling contacts with multiple numbers.

Here’s what works

  • Listing phone contacts with merging of existing received messages
  • Sending SMS Text
  • Receiving SMS Text
  • Sending GVoice Text
  • Receiving Pushed GVoice Text
  • Simple Notifications
  • Read/Unread system

Pending for official release

  • Create new message (somebody not in contacts) ~30min
  • Search contacts ~10min
  • Google Voice Inbox Sync (aka, if push failed) ~20min
  • Receive MMS / Imgur Parsing ~1hr
  • Send MMS / Imgur Links ~1hr
  • Customization options ~1hr
  • Expanded Notifications (Quick Reply) ~1hr
  • Message Options (Copy, Paste, Delete) ~30min
  • Send SMS Intent (for other apps to be able to create a message) ~15min
  • Startup Helper/Wizard (explore customization options, select Google Voice account) ~1hr
  • Google Play Billing for non-free beta version (more on that later) ~2hr
  • Reveal official name and website ~2hr

Next Release

  • Reddit
  • Steam
  • Google Talk
  • Merge/Compatibility with stock SMS database

Down the road

  • Multiple GVoice accounts (UI planning not code structure)
  • Facebook
  • Custom camera/microphone interface
  • Backup system (SD or Cloud)

Known issues

  • Split contact view reacts strangely when swiping with keyboard input open (why would you anyway?)
  • When Google Voice authentication token expires, a new one isn’t requested automatically. Close and open the app renew it.

Well that’s known issues for now. Other than that, I think I can whip up an APK for testing.

7 thoughts on “I think… yes… ready for public beta

  1. FrozenFlamez

    Super legit! Can’t wait.

    One question though (just to clarify): by “pending for official release”, do you mean how long each thing will take you to debug/implement/etc?

    1. ShortFuse Post author

      Yeah. official release mean the Play Store version, for the masses to use.
      The time on the side is how it would take me to write it. Of course 1hr coding time might be spread out to be 3 hours for IRL distractions like… food or game grumps

  2. Chopes

    Google Play Billing for non-free beta version

    What features do you plan to be included in the pay version that will be omitted from the free version?

  3. socioteq

    It’s sooo impressive how much effort you have single handedly put into this app. Kudos! Can’t wait to try it out, been waiting for something like this for a long long time.


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