Google Voice: Push limitations

I’m going to explain a couple of things about the Google Voice protocols and how push works.

As far as I know, (please correct me if I’m wrong), Google has only created 4 push implementations.

  • Google Talk message on text message/voicemail receipt
  • Email on text message/voicemail receipt
  • SMS on text message/voicemail receipt 
  • Android C2DM trigger on text message/voicemail receipt

Noticing a pattern? Yes, there is only a push implementation on new message or voicemail. There is no push implementation on:

  • Mark as read
  • Delete message
  • Archive message
  • Send outgoing message

All these items have to polled. This means they will have to run on a timer. I’m just writing this point to explain that these things ARE NOT instant and probably never will be. Only incoming communications are pushed. This means, if you’re messaging from the web interface, you might have to force a refresh or wait a minute for things to sync up on your phone.

3 thoughts on “Google Voice: Push limitations

  1. LeoBloom

    That’s unfortunate. At least the notification on a read message should automatically clear upon polling on a timer right? What do you think will be the default timer setting?

  2. Korben

    I figured gtalk had a push notification for message read. I think my phone notices when I respond to messages on my computer and pretty quickly remove the notification. I always assumed that was a push notification because of the speed. I’ve never experimented with it though.

    1. Korben

      OK, disregard my comment. I saw “Google talk” and forgot about the context of the post, so I thought you were talking specifically about Google talk there rather than Google voice, which is clearly the subject of this post.


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