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Hi everyone,

For those of you that don’t know I’m writing a new Android application that integrates SMS, GVoice and in the future Google Talk into one application. Many people have been asking for a place to get more information. Well, I’ve decided to update my blog finally. You can ask your questions and list feature requests and all here.

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Without repeating myself, you can find a bit more information on this project here:

ShortFuse (of SuperOneClick fame) here: For my fifth cakeday, Reddit, I’ll write, start to finish the android app of your choosing FOR FREE!”

ShortFuse (of SuperOneClick fame) said he would develop the app of our choosing. r/android chose a bloat-free SMS app. Any updates on this?/

Project Hermes Anouncement (Reddit Requested SMS App) Coding begins today!/

So What Happened To ShortFuse’s Messaging App?

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  1. LeoBloom

    I’d like to list just a few things that annoy me in the official Google Voice App in hopes that your app will handle these issues properly.

    1. The GV app message queuing feature is amazing and frustrating at the same time. I’d love to have message queuing on your app, where the app automatically sends the message once a data connection is reestablished. I frequently respond with SMS to a bunch of people while on the subway with no connection and the official GV app puts these replies in “queued” status. As soon as I get a data connection, GV automatically tries to send the messages. Most of the time this works without an issue – sometimes you end up in a retrying-to-send nightmare. When the status of a message is “retrying”, there is very little you can do with the message – the GV app doesn’t allow you to edit or delete the message and it might get stuck in “retrying” despite having an active data connection. Usually, in this case I have to restart the app, and the “retrying” message fixes itself and finally sends – obviously this shouldn’t be happening.

    2. The back button is terribly inconsistent. Sometimes, the back button can lead you back to the same conversation 5+ times, until it finally hits the inbox. I think the most intuitive option is that the back button would take you to the inbox on the first press.

    3. When checking a GV SMS on a web interface, the Google servers mark the message “read” but the Google Voice app doesn’t automatically clear the notification. Thus you end up having a ton of uncleared text notifications, which you have already checked/read on the web interface, but the app will not clear them until you launch the app. You’ve already mentioned that your app will not have this problem – I’m just mentioning this again because it was possibly the most annoying thing about the official app.

    Feature request
    1. Not sure if this would be possible for you, but if you can make your app display GV messages in the traditional “by person” instead of “by conversation” layout, that would be super cool.

    Really really looking forward to your work!

    1. shortfuse Post author

      1. Queued is already part of this. This is made to avoid out-of-order texts where instead of sending all at the same time, it’ll send one after the other. The timeout can be user selectable (infinite would be an option).

      2. I’m handle the back button manually. Back returns from intents. That’s the android paradigm. I’m be caure with pushing intents and the like. If you press back on a conversation, it’ll send you to the contacts page and if you press back there, it’ll quit the app.

      3. You don’t need the Google Voice to use my app. You can disable notifications it if you want. The only reason to have the app is for non-text related features. I’m planning on incorporating the voicemail and calling features later.

      Feature Request: Yep, that’s how I’m doing it. The idea is to list contacts by person. Their SMS, Google Voice, Google Talk, Reddit, Facebook, etc etc would really be one person. Conversation system gets confusing and complicated. If people really want it, I can write it in as an alternate option.

      1. LeoBloom

        1. Good to hear regarding the queuing. Will your app attempt to send out automatically as soon as a data connection is reestablished, like the official app currently attempts?

        2. Perfect.

        3. I was referring to notifications on your app for GV SMS. You’ve mentioned that you got the mobile API figured out and that push will work for new texts. I am curious though, will your app clear its notifications for “read” messages via push or polling?

        Feature Request: excellent! That would be the first “by person” implementation of GV that I’ve seen on any mobile platform and something GV users will definitely enjoy.

  2. Miles

    As a work around for MMS with Google Voice, it would be really awesome if you
    let users link a cloud account (Google Photos, Imgur, Dropbox, Box, Google
    Drive) that you would then upload the pic/video to. The pic/video would go into
    a folder called GVoice and the default share permissions would be anyone who has
    the link, not public, not private. Then the message they send would contain the
    link. Videos could also be uploaded to YouTube, again with share permissions set
    to anyone who has the link. It may be easiest to stick with YouTube and Google
    Drive since you already have authenticated their Google account for GVoice,
    assuming the tokens could be shared. I’m not sure how that whole process works.
    Looking forward to seeing your app come to life.

    1. shortfuse Post author

      Google Drive probably is the best way because you can whitelist who accesses your info. From there I can use a URL shortener (probably google’s anyway). I also have no plans on port any of this to iPhone, WinMo or Blackberry. I’m pretty much using Google services all the way.


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