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SuperOneClick is the #1 Android App on CNet

Just wanted to share this observation:

More popular than Flash! But to be honest, that’s also because SuperOneClick can’t exactly be put on the Play Store.

Still cool, and it also serves as a download mirror.

Dashboarder v0.02

A small thread grew on reddit talking about using your cell phone to record while the screen was off and how it was hard to find an app. A few hours later, here it is.

I wrote this in the course of day even though I spent way too much time figuring out that the bug wasn’t in my code, but a buggy CyanogenMod 10 build I was running on my Galaxy Nexus.

Obviously, it’s pretty empty, but it does as promised. It requires Android 3.0 or so and above. That’s really just because I was playing with fragments for the first time, but I’ve actually written the original code to be compatible as far back as Android 1.5.

(This is not my new super project, btw).

I’m going to be using depositfiles again since it’s pretty much the only site that my SuperOneClicks survived on after MegaUpload shutdown.

Deposit Files Link

Edit: New Link

Hi everyone!

So, I’ve been gone a while. A little under 5 months ago, I got married. Life is very different! Again, I want to thank everyone for the congratulations shared and donations. I’ve been very busy getting used to married life but also starting a new super project.

Don’t worry, SuperOneClick IS NOT DEAD. I’ve just have so much trouble managing my time. My wife is going to work with me now and hopefully she can help me get a lot of projects back on track.