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Rooting Issues

Most 2.3.3 devices can only be cracked with Gingerbreak. I don’t have a 2.3.3 device to test with so it’s a bit difficult to try to implement. I’ll try to narrow down what’s going on, but it’s difficult since I don’t have a device to really test with. For now, it seems to not be working.

Also, devices running 2.3.4 need a special root. Many (but not all) Galaxy SII are supported by installing a patched kernel. I’ll try to add a flag warning.

Oh, and yes, when Odin is working, DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING! :)

2.3.3 Fix is up! [Updated]

I fixed the way exploits are run. I can’t test it, but let me know if it works. I also fixed an issue with 2.1-update1 users reporting to have 2.11 instead of 2.1.1

Just update from within SuperOneClick and make sure you’re running

Update: My FTP is getting swamped. I only have 5mbps upload. Make sure all files are updated before trying to root. I don’t have a check to see if you have some files updates, some not.

SuperOneClick v2 Public Beta

I haven’t FULLY tested it and worked out all the kinks but I’m going to release all the compiled binaries now for the experienced users to try.

Removed because of bandwidth hogging

Enjoy and post some feedback here!

Galaxy S II and Sprint Galaxy Tab 2.3.3 users should be the ones truly benefiting from this. At this moment, the drivers aren’t included so you’ll have to take of that for now.

Let me know what issues you guys find before I package it all up.

Note: Please don’t package and distribute the files. It’s not for everyone yet.

SuperOneClick v2: Updates

With SuperOneClick v2, you’ll be able to finally update your program from the application itself. No more hunting for updates. Not only will you be able to download newer versions of SoC, but you’ll be able to update and install new supported devices as they are developed. This will also allow me to release updates faster than all that rar/zip repackaging.

Take a sneak peek of this build running with the GTI9100 (Samsung Galaxy S II) and SPHP100 device (Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab).

The file you download from this site might very well be the only file you’ll ever need. You can carry a copy on your thumbdrive and never need to worry about having an outdated version!

SuperOneClick v2: Custom Exploits

Sometimes, standard shell rooting exploits aren’t enough.

With SuperOneClick v2, I’ve added the ability to incorporate custom exploits.

Here’s an example for a Samsung Galaxy S II running XWKE7:

As a developer, I’d hate for other people’s work and efforts to go without credit so I’m making sure to include all author websites and donation links.