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SuperOneClickv2.3 Driver Install

SuperOneClick v2.3 will reintroduce driver installation

Many issues users are having are related to USB Android drivers.

In the next version, SuperOneClick will automatically check your Windows system for possible Android devices without any USB debugging drivers. It will then ask you if you want to force install the driver. Hopefully, this will put an end to all that driver hunting!
This will work with ALL Android devices. I no longer have to package device specific drivers. SuperOneClick will automatically create a new driver for your device.

Edit: Here’s a snapshot of me trying to root an Huawei Ideos Tablet that doesn’t have the drivers installed.

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And finally:

2.3.3 Fix is up! [Updated]

I fixed the way exploits are run. I can’t test it, but let me know if it works. I also fixed an issue with 2.1-update1 users reporting to have 2.11 instead of 2.1.1

Just update from within SuperOneClick and make sure you’re running

Update: My FTP is getting swamped. I only have 5mbps upload. Make sure all files are updated before trying to root. I don’t have a check to see if you have some files updates, some not.